Alpaca Photos
by Oakleafs

The alpaca industry is growing in Maine. While relatively new to Maine, alpaca farmers are breeding these delicate animals for exquisitely fine fiber that is warm, hypo-allergenic,and light.

And alpacas are fun and cute! Pam Wells has been able to enjoy these animals at:
Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm and other Maine alpaca farms, by taking their photos and working with farm owners to create both unique graphic and website designs and capturing photos of alpacas on the farms.

This year, Pam has once again created a one of a kind 2013 Alpaca calendar which is being sold in a variety of venues (at shows, on Amazon, and in farm stores.)

This year's calendar is once again now available in all of those places. You can meet Pam at the American Folk Festival at the Northern Solstice booth and at Nothern Solstice Farm during the Maine Organic Farmer's Common Ground Fair.

Click here to purchase her calendar on-line at