Oakleafs Studio

Website Projects

At Oakleaf Studios, we believe in creating website designs that inspire you and your customers. Using proven technology and artistic vision, we support your goals of having the perfect website. Crisp and clean, artsy and colorful; the choice is yours.

We understand that creating the best design for your needs can be challenging. You might have experienced non-responsive web master didn't "hear" your desires. We take the time to listen, solve your design challenges and a website unique to you.

Click here to view our latest designs or contact Pam today to discuss your website design needs.

Other Design Projects

Oakleafs offers a myriad of other design projects which range from the perfect logo to publication design or presentation design. If you need a graphic design project done, Oakleafs can do it.

Projects in the past have included annual research publications, brochures, flyers, business cards, and other items that meet your business needs (posters, truck magnets, etc.)

Do you have specific graphic design project that needs individual attention and that reflects your business goals? View some of our past projects or contact us at: Oakleafs Studio

FInally, looking for a video of a Maine critter. Bryan Wells, of Oakleafs, has been building remote sensing cameras for almost ten years. During this time, Bryan has been able to obtain a wide variety of cretaures which roam the Maine forest. Click hereto see some of Bryan's favorites..