Welcome to Oakleafs Studio

My name is Pam Wells and I love to take photos of wildlife and forests.  As a native Mainer, I grew up playing under trees, searching for critters in fields, and admiring the beauty of the outdoors.  I still do.  My husband and I own 1000+ acres of forest near Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge; known as Wells Demonstration Forest.  Our forest is diverse with a variety of habitats designed for future harvests, wildlife habitats, and stream healthy.   We are currently designated as a Demonstration Forest by the Maine Forest Service.  And this year, we are the American Tree Farmers of the Year for the state of Maine.  Most of my photos are obtained from our forest or our personal yard.

I have many photos which include trees, plants, animals, and anything else that might stroll outside.  Not seeing a species you’re looking for?  Feel free to contact me at: pwells@oakleafs.com  I just might have it.